Marina Goldovskaya is one of Russia's best-known documentary filmmakers with a strong international reputation. She has made 32 documentary films and more than 100 TV programs for Russian, Austrian, French, German and American Television. During her long career as Director, Producer, Cinematographer and Writer, she has won virtually every prize there is to win in the area of documentary filmmaking.

In the USA, Marina first got recognition for her feature legth documentary"Solovky Power" which was the first film revealing the horrors of the Soviet concentration camps. The film premiered in the USA at the Sundance Film Festival in 1989 where it received high appreciation of the audience and a special certificate of acknowledgement from the Jury. "Solovky Power" has a world wide theatrical distribution and received several prestigious professional awards.

In 1990, she made "A Taste of Freedom" for Turner Television (TNT), giving the world the first glimpses of the effects of perestroika, started by Gorbachev, by relating the life of a Moscow journalist and his family. In “The House on Arbat Street”, which she made for Canal+ (France), through the destinies of the people who lived in one Moscow building, she told the story of Russia in the 20th century. This film had been aired on many European TV channels and in Canada, and received many international awards, such as the Best Film of the year Award at Prix Europe in 1994, The Ester Prize in Washington, DC, and the Grand Prix at the Film Festival in Monte Carlo.

Marina was the first Russian filmmaker to introduce a personal diary style in the documentary genre to describe the social changes in Russia and how they affected the lives of the people. She used this style in “The Shattered Mirror" and in "Lucky to Be Born In Russia" which chronicled the emotions of Russians living through the turmoil of perestroika culminating in the putsch of October 1993. "The Shattered Mirror" (ARTE, France) was honored with Prix Italia (1992), the Golden Gate Award in San Francisco (1992), the Golden Hugo in Chicago (1993).

Her other productions include "This Shaking World" (1995), a film which takes the viewer deep into the lives of individuals representing a cross section of Southern California's Melting Pot, "The Children of Ivan Kuzmich"(1997), a poetic journey into the lives of eight amazing people and their teacher of class 1941 in a Moscow School, "A Poet on the Lower East Side”(1998), a remarkable visit with Allen Ginsberg, and the "The Prince is Back" (1999), a very human view of today's happenings in Russia, which since it's first theatrical premier and broadcast in Europe has been honored in more then twenty Film Festivals throughout the world receiving among others awards the” Silver Rembrandt” in Amsterdam, 2001, the TELLY Award, Cincinnati, USA, the Moondance Spirit Award USA, and the Media Award, Germany.

The new updated version of “The Prince Is Back” (2003) premiered on PBS/KCET in June 2004.

Her latest film “Art and Life: Finding the Thread. L.A.Diary with Peter Sellars” (2004) is an intimate portrait of the renowned American theater and opera director.

Parallel to her career as a filmmaker, Marina Goldovskaya pursued a teaching and academic career. She received a Ph.D. in Fine Arts in the Moscow State Film Institute (1987), taught documentary in Moscow State University (1966-1995), and wrote numerous articles and six books on documentary filmmaking. Her last work, “A Woman with a Movie Camera”, was published in Russia by Materik in 2002 and is planned to be released in the USA in 2005.

In 1996 Marina, a tenured Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles,
School of Theater, Film & Television, created a public forum for Documentaries
by organizing the very popular Documentary Salon Series which todate screens
high quality films on a monthly basis for the LA film community.

  • Professor, UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television
  • Member of the American Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences
  • Member of the European Film Academy
  • Member of the Russian Academy of Television
  • Art and Life: Finding the Thread. LA Diary with Peter Sellars
    Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Writer 2004
  • Senior Year
    A Thirteen Episode Documentary; Consulting Producer PBS 2002
  • The Prince is Back
    ARTE, France/Germany; Director, Cinematographer, Producer, Writer 1999
  • The Spirit Award 2002;The MOONDANCE International Film Festival, Boulder, Colorado
  • Feature Documentary 2000, Honorable Mention; Los Angeles, IDA
  • Special Jury Prize 2000; Athens International Film Festival, Athens, Ohio
  • The Silver Rembrandt 2000;
  • Le Nombre D'Or Wide Screen Film Festival, Amsterdam
  • The TELLY AWARD 2000; Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Screened at 24 Film Festivals 2000 Worldwide
  • The Children of Ivan Kuzmich
    Canal + France; Director, Cinematographer, Writer 1997
  • Media Net Award 1998; International Filmwoche, Munich
  • Festival Internacionale des Programmes Audiovisuelle; Special Jury Prize, Biarritz, 1998
  • A Poet on the Lower East Side
    A Docu-Diary on Allen Ginsberg, USA; Cinematographer 1998
  • Sixth Titanic International Film Festival, Budapest, 1998
  • Budapest Autumn Festival, 19988
  • Boston Museum of Fine Arts, "Beatniks and Poets", 2002
  • This Shaking World
    ARTE/France; Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Producer 1995
  • Lucky To Be Born In Russia
    ARTE/France; Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Producer 1994
  • Golden Gate/Certificate of Merit; San Francisco Film Festival, 1995
  • The House on Arbat Street
    Canal + France; Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Producer 1993
  • Prix Europa; Best European documentary programme of 1994, Porto, Portugal
  • Planet Award at International Documentary Film Festival in Marseilles, France, 1994
  • Grand Prix 1994; International Festival in Monte Carlo
  • Best Film of the Year 1994; Earthwatch Film Awards, Washington D.C.
  • Screened at 28 national and international documentary festivals.
  • The Shattered Mirror
    ARTE/France; Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Producer 1992
  • Golden Gate Award at San Francisco Film Festival, 1993
  • Golden Hugo Award; International Film Festival in Chicago, 1993
  • Prix Italia; International Festival in Rome
  • A Taste of Freedom
    TNT (Turner Broadcasting), USA; Director, Cinematographer 1991
  • Denver International Film Festival, 1991
  • Telluride Film Festival, 1992
  • Aus dem Abgrund/From the Abyss
    Oko-Media, Austria; Director, Cinematographer, Writer 1991
    Part 1: People and War (90 min) Part 2: The Siege of Leningrad (60min)
  • More than Love
    TTL Studios; Director, Writer, Cinematographer 1991
  • I am 90, My Steps are Light (Anastasia Zvetaeva)
    Videofilm, Russia; Director, Writer, Cinematographer 1989
  • Solovky Power
    Mosfilm Studios, USSR; Director, Cinematographer 1988
  • Special Joris Ivens Jury Prize; International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam, 1989
  • Sundance Film Festival, 1989
  • Berlin International Film Festival, 1989 (Special Mention)
  • San Francisco International Film Festival
  • Telluride International Film Festival
  • Special Jury Prize in Bombay, India
  • Sidney International Film Festival
  • Jerusalem International Film Festival
  • Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival
  • Special Human Rights Prize of "Memorial" (Russia, 1995)
  • Best Documentary; Sverdlovsk National Festival, USSR, 1988
  • Tumbalalaika in America
    Central Television, Moscow; Director, Writer, Cinematographer 1987
  • For the Theater to be...
    Central Television, Moscow; Director, Cinematographer 1987
  • Archangelsky Mujik
    Central Television, Moscow; Director, Cinematographer, Producer 1986
  • Grand Prix of the International Electronic Film Festival in Cannes, 1987
  • Best Documentary of the year; the Top National Prize, 1989
  • Hello, it is Beduliya Speaking
    Central Television, Moscow; Director, Cinematographer 1985
  • At Pouskin's Home
    Central Television, Moscow; Cinematographer 1982
  • After the Harvest
    Central Television, Moscow; Director, Cinematographer 1981
  • Poushkin and Poushchin
    Central Television, Moscow; Director, Cinematographer 1980
  • The Experiment
    Central Television, Moscow; Director, Writer, Cinematographer 1978
  • Best Documentary; Leipzig, 1978
  • Best Documentary; National TV Festival in Erevan, Armenia
  • Best film of 1978; Top National Award
  • Alexander Tvardovsky
    Central Television, Moscow; Cinematographer 1976
  • Arkadi Rajkin
    Central Television, Moscow; Director, Cinematographer, Writer 1975
  • This is our Profession
    Central Television, Moscow; Director, Cinematographer, Writer 1973
  • Valentina Tereshkova
    Central Television, Moscow; Director, Cinematographer 1972
  • Surgeon Vishnevsky
    Central Television, Moscow; Cinematographer 1969
  • Grand Prix for the Best Cinematography; Leningrad Film Festival, 1969